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This website was set up to provide:

          Neighbourhood Action Group (NAGs)
          Police And Community Together (PACTs)
          Neighbourhood Action Panels (NAP or NAPs)

in the UK a facility to have their own website pages using a simple Word like editor and optionally to keep in contact with their members using a registration facility. With this centralised (portal) website everyone can find their local NAGs/PACTs/NAPs more easily and get the information they need.

For further details please see NAG Website Features and Functions, NAG Online Slides and NAG Powerpoint File of Slides.

FREE link facility to those NAGs/PACTs/NAPs who already have a website and they want to continue to maintain it - click here for details

Feedback, enhancement requests and general contact is welcomed for the improvement of this website for the communities it serves. Please see for details of how to get in touch.

What is a NAG, PACT or NAP Group?

Neighbourhood Action Group (NAG), Police And Community Together (PACT) and Neighbourhood Action Panels (NAP or NAPs) - herein referred to as NAGs/PACTs/NAPs, are multi-agency problem-solving bodies in the UK which are focused on tackling the top priorities as identified by their communities.

NAGs/PACTs/NAPs are made up of volunteer representatives from the community. They bring together organisations and partners like residents, the police, local authorities, businesses and schools and normally meet every 4 to 8 weeks.

They are key to the success of neighbourhood policing. They plan on behalf of the community and organise tasks to be completed. This improves community safety and reassurance and reduces crime, disorder, disproportionate fear of crime, and local traffic issues.

If you are a member of a NAG, PACT or NAP group then please register your group by going to and trial the system out for free for six months.


To cover the costs of training, support, maintenance, presentations of the benefits of this centralised website, and the future development of enhancements, Edge Impact Websites make a small charge of just £25 per annum after the first 6 months trial period. Edge Impact Consulting Ltd guarantee that there will never be any increase in the annual £25 charge any more than the inflation rate if any increase is applied at all, and the intention is that this current annual £25 charge will be removed to make the website entirely free for all Neighbourhood Action Groups (NAGs), Police And Community Together groups (PACTs), and Neighbourhood Action Panel groups (NAPs) in the United Kingdom.

Who can get involved?

A NAG/PACT/NAP should be representative of the different communities in the neighbourhood. In particular, those who are under-represented, such as young people and the disabled, are encouraged to join. Apart from a wide community representation, a NAG/PACT/NAP will benefit from a broad range of skills and experience on the team.

Administrative, organisational, practical and communications ability will all be valued highly. People who represent others are also welcome. They bring a lot to a NAG/PACT/NAP, for example, a member of a Residents' Association can put across the views of this organisation and will bring the added benefit of a group of people able to help with doing some of the work.

Members will be agreed by the NAG/PACT/NAP. If you are interested in becoming a member, contact your local neighbourhood team.

What's in it for me?

You and people from a range of organisations will be heavily involved in making your community safer and a better place to live. As a member of a NAG/PACT/NAP you will be able to influence decisions about your neighbourhood and public service.

Ultimately you will have a real ability to change things for the better in your local community and gain a sense of satisfaction from doing so. Voluntary work of this nature also looks excellent on your CV and can demonstrate all kinds of skills to a prospective employer.

If you are attending as a locally elected representative, it is a great opportunity to engage with your community, take action on their behalf and help co-ordinate the work of the council with that of other organisations.

How to manage an effective NAG

For advice on how to manage an effective NAG, please view 'Effective Neighbourhood Action Groups: A Good Practice Briefing' (PDF 95 Kb), which includes the recommended terms of reference / NAG constitution.

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