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To set up web pages for your NAG (Neighbourhood Action Group), PACT (Police And Community Together) or NAP (Neighbourhood Action Panels), complete the form below to register yourself as the administrator. Your submission will be verified by a NAG / PACT / NAP area manager and you will be notified once your website is active. Only the NAG / PACT / NAP administrator should register their group.

It's simple to use. If you have experience in using Word then there is not much more to it than that.

For further details please see NAG Website Features and Functions, NAG Online Slides and NAG Powerpoint File of Slides.

Still not sure? Give it a try - its FREE for 6 months!

After the first six months FREE trial period there will be a £25.00 annual fee to each NAG to cover the ongoing costs of telephone and email support of the system, development of enhancements suggested by the people using the system, maintenance, hosting, domain registrations, training, presentation sessions and travel associated with these.

Edge Impact Consulting Ltd guarantee that there will never be any increase in the annual £25 charge any more than the inflation rate if any increase is applied at all, and the intention is that this current annual £25 charge will be removed at some point in the future to make the website entirely free for all Neighbourhood Action Groups, Police And Community Together groups, and Neighbourhood Action Panel groups in the United Kingdom.

NOTE: Reading Borough Council have agreed to pay for all Reading NAGs.

The form below is all there is to it... Simple to get you started on having your own NAG website pages.

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Note: If your Region or Town/City does not appear in the lists below then please select another Region/Town/City nearby and send an email to requesting the additon with all the details of your Region and Town/City. After registering and while we carry out the necessery checks with the Police, you will be able to change your Region and Town/City however in the interim we will be able commence processing your request.
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