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The Oxford Road NAG were out and about on Saturday 17th July litter picking in Cranbury,
Kensington and Gloucester Roads.  This is the team as we started at 11.00am, but other people arrived during the day.

PCSO Catherine Emin from the Oxford Road Neighbourhood Police Team was on hand to answer
any questions on the day and Police Volunteers delivered crime prevention packs to local


We cleared the weeds and grass from the pavements and the side of the roads.

And after the mechanical sweeper machine collected the piles of weeds and grass, this is the results.

The Community Payback Team from Thames Valley Probation cut down trees and bushes from the
garden at Cranbury College and helped plant some of the plants - the transformation was amazing.

The last job of the day for Kris and Jeff from the Streetcare team at Reading Borough Council,
with some help from Kris's son Luke, was to take their van to the tip.

A total of 730kgs or 0.73 tonne of litter and garden waste was collected on the day, a job
well done by everyone that helped on the day.

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