NAG Events

The Oxford Road NAG were out and about on Saturday 15th May litter picking and cutting back the bushes at the Central Swimming Pool area and collecting rubbish from roads in the surrounding area. 

The Oxford Road Neighbourhood Policing Team and their volunteers were there to provide crime prevention packs to the community. 

The Oxford Road Neighbourhood Police team delivered crime provention packs to local residents.

With the help of the Community Payback team from Thames Valley Probation, the South end of the Central Swimming Pool car park was cleared of all the bushes.

You can see the hard work that has been done by the Community Payback team.

Some more volunteers arrived later to help us out.

Our youngest helper, 5 year old Ben with his mum, helping to pick up drink cans and bottles.

The last lorry of the day going to RBC's depot to be sorted as to what can be recycled and what goes into landfill.  In total we collected 815 kilogram or 128 stone or .815 of a tonne.































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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